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The first camera that I can remember having was a plastic bodied 35mm film camera which appeared one Christmas morning many years ago before I was even a teenager. However, the idea of having to load a film, take some photos then wait for them to be developed at the local chemists, only to find that half of them turned out to be blurred (which would nowadays probably constitute 'art') and realising that these fuzzy images were the reason my pocket money was being eaten away, I soon lost interest and it was a few years before I took any further interest in photography or held a camera again. Airfix kits and football boots being the order of the day!

Fast forward a few years and I found myself spending my pocket money again on photography, this time Dixons very own Chinon 110 was my pride and joy with its tiny film cartridge and cube flash! Leaving school and gaining employment brought me the funds to buy my first real (SLR) camera - the Russian Zenith E. Totally manual it proved to be the ideal camera to learn about photography as I had to set everything by hand and learn about such strange things as f-stops, shutter speed, ASA, depth of field and what a real pain screw threads were!

But I was hooked!

After a brief flirtation with a Fujica ST605 (automatic lens, TTL metering) I took advantage of a New Year's offer in Amateur Photography and my free book of Nikon Photo Cheques saw me realise a dream come true - I owned a Nikon SLR - with a bayonet mount! I was in heaven!

Since then I've stayed with Nikon and now own two digital SLRs. I've found them to be great cameras - as I'm sure Canon are as well - because at the end of the day it doesn't matter which make of camera you own, it's the end result which matters!

I'll photograph anything (within reason!). If I see something which I think will make a good image - I'll photograph it! I've also embraced the digital darkroom and have been lucky enough to be asked to do 'gig' photography - music being another passion in my life.

Have a browse around the site and hopefully you'll see something you like.

In the 'Music' section you'll find photos from some of the most recent concerts I've been to. These are free to download but are only available 'live' for about six months after each show although I hope to soon have an archive system up and running for past events. On the front page you'll also find a button which is a link to my YouTube Channel where you'll find videos from recent concerts - again feel free to download as you wish.

Enjoy my website.








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